Attracting the right customer, getting them to buy, buy often, buy in premium offers and bring you even more customers is an art. Today’s customer has so many options that you don’t want to frustrate him/her. Resolving customer complaints early and fast is your best bet at retaining the new age customer. Make the effort towards building customer loyalty and you have customers as long as your business exist.

These are some of the best and practical ways to build and deepen customer loyalty.

  1. It starts with a happy and satisfied employee. Make your employees happy and it will translate to your customers
  2. You could call each of your customers at least once per quarter, to ensure that everything is working well, to answer any questions, to learn about what’s going on with their business.
  3. Do not promise what you cannot deliver
  4. Reward them for choosing you over your competitors.
  5. Do not overextend your resources and get a reputation for poor performance
  6. Do not tell the customer what he or she wants to hear. Tell them what they need to know. They will respect you for it.
  7. Educate your customers on how best to use your product
  8. Provide expert advice on your industry f or your customers
  9. Show customers a better way to do things
  10. Offer outstanding customer service (listen to your customers ATTENTIVELY). Customers always want you to listen
  11. Introduce a customer care program to reward your loyal customers
  12. Don’t just contact them when you want to sell them, reach out and be of value.
  13. Simple initiatives  like personalised greetings and offers on birthdays, anniversaries etc. can have a very positive impact.
  14.  Communicate abundantly. As a general rule, you can’t over-communicate with your customers.