Attaching a file to an email has its own frustrations especially when the file is bigger than usual for an email. Scayl’s HDemail software is an email service with no attachment limits. It is a social sharing application that combines a distributed email server and client to help people communicate directly and more efficiently with their friends, families and coworkers.

The Scayl software allows emails and files to be sent directly from one computer to another, without passing through a central server where security can be compromised. This feature ensures security and greatly reduces the amount of spam or junk mail users receive. Another main feature of the email service is the possibility to send files of unlimited size for free – images, home movies, anything you want.

It runs on many devices from laptops to digital living room gear, and users can view attachments on any display including iPads, HD TVs, and mobile devices. It works with legacy email clients such as Outlook and connects the new better Scayl email platform to the old ones.