ViKi, a play on video and wiki, is an international video site for the best of world TV series and movies. The Singapore-based company takes video produced all over the world and provides subtitles in more than 150 languages.

With over 1 billion streams and 100 million words translated into over 146 languages, ViKi uniquely brings entertainment to new audiences and unlocks markets for content owners. The company works directly with broadcasters and producers from around the world, connecting them to a massive number of new and loving fans.

You will need to create a ViKi account if you would like to comment, post an article, upload a video, bookmark a video, create your profile, subtitle, segment, or perform any other community management or moderation activities.

The ViKi community makes entertainment a global phenomenon — removing the friction and language barriers to make world TV and movies enjoyable for everyone. With ViKi’s translation platform, entire series are subtitled into dozens of languages overnight.

ViKi recently raised $20 million in funding with the BBC and SK Telecom unit SK Planet, along with earlier investors.