Scoopshot lest you take your newsworthy photos and send them to the media houses through the Scoopshot mobile app and sell them at your set price. Scoopshot enables photographers to choose what to charge for their pictures, create professional portfolios, and receive global coverage.

Journalists writing stories can purchase the photos at the price the photographer has set. If they wish to purchase the exclusive right to use the photo, they pay ten times the set price.

Journalists seeking photos can either set location-specific assignments, or search for photos to accompany stories by location or keywords. Scoopshot ensures all photos on the site are fresh by removing them after 48 hours. Photographers are sent a notice to their phone if their photos are purchased, and can then transfer money earned directly to their bank account.

Scoopshot or various media companies can also send you photo tasks. You can send photos corresponding to these tasks to earn task-specific rewards for each sold photo. Usually, you can send several photos to the same task.

You earn money with every news and task photo the media buy. You can send in fresh and newsworthy photos so the media and journalists can purchase them from Scoopshot Store.

Scoopshot is based in Helsinki, Finland.