Pic2Shop is a free Android and iPhone app that turns your phone into a barcode scanner. Point the camera at the barcode of a product (even if blurry) and instantly compare the prices at thousands of online and local retailers. Product information, user reviews, etc., are just one tap away!

How pic2shop works
1. Download the FREE pic2shop app and open it
2. Point the camera at the barcode until the red line turns green.
3. Find out where the product is cheaper and save money.
4. Each scan creates a webpage that you can share and access from any computer (not for QR codes)

When the scan is complete and a product is found Pic2Shop gives you a list of local and virtual merchants with price comparison as well as a link to search on Amazon.com, Google Products, and Google search.

pic2shop‘s database contains tens of millions of products from thousands of retailers, online and local, so you know if you’re getting the best price.