Researching the best gadget to buy takes time and effort. Narrowing down to the right price requires patience, if you care about what the market price is. Sortable wants to help you find and compare all the latest electronics including cameras, phones, laptops, tvs and tablets! the easy way.

Sortable allows you to select the product category you want and set the price and they recommend products based on your specifications. Sortable lists important information such as the price, size, special features, advantages and tradeoffs. Users can also find additional detailed information by clicking the “i” button next to the product they are interested in.

The service was launched in the first week of January for electronic products, but Sortable plans on adding additional categories including books, movies, and restaurants soon.

“Sortable helps you understand the real differences among the products you’re looking for,” Chris Reid, co-founder of Sortable, told Mashable. “Users tell us what’s important to them and based on the information, we point out all the best features about the products and services that they’re most interested in.”