Fundraising is a significant way for startups to gather funds for early stage development, growth or expansion. Fundraising can be a lengthy process that requires several negotiations. Startup founders need all the knowledge needed to equip themselves with skills required to negotiate a funding process. You should be able to interpret a term sheet about your every fund you receive. It’s advisable to seek legal assistance where necessary. Most successful startups have raised funds at some stage of their growth, other startup founders prefer to bootstrap their way to success without external funds or support. If you require funds going forward, these funding resources will be useful for your journey.

1. Paul shares his thoughts on money-for-equity and how founders should approach it. Most  entrepreneurs do it wrong. Get a grip on it early.

2.  Go4funding has put together selected articles on raising money for startup founders and entrepreneurs. Topics range from how to look for funding to how to impress investors

3.  Mixergy invites experts to teach specific proven tactics for you to master.These selected interviews  discusses specific tactics for raising money from experts who’ve done it before.

4.  Mark Suster shares the processes and nuances of each step laid out in a very actionable way. He covers what to do before you approach a VC to what to do when pitching and further discusses the final process of raising the money.

5. Venturehacks helps you get your head in the right place once you’re going to start reaching out and talking with investors. Note that this “talking with investors” thing takes months or a year — not days or weeks. These resources will be useful in that process.

6. Raising money for the money for the first time is not an easy part of starting up. Learn from and lean on Sprouter about fundraising and other challenges(expert advice). And of course, contribute what you’re learning as well. This community will be invaluable down the road.