Everybody who uploads videos on YouTube expects hits in the thousands if not millions, but not many videos gets viral. Virool wants to give you the opportunity to promote your videos across websites, blogs, Facebook games, and mobile apps to get more attention and generate that viral effect you expect.


Virool achieves this by placing video in a form of content on publishers’ websites that target demographic that the advertiser wants to reach. It also allows website publishers to monetize their web properties by placing relevant content on their site. With  a minimum of $10, marketers can use the self-serve tool to connect to Virool’s distribution system, which then promotes the video using tags and keywords.

According to co-founder and CEO Alex Debelov “The idea behind virality is wrapped up with how good and relevant the content of the video is to an audience. We tell clients that if the work isn’t good, there’s nothing we can do. But we have helped videos with 100,000 videos explode to 5 million. But we can only help it find its audience.”

If you are thinking about how many views you can get using Virool, the company has a message for you:

We have created an auction based system inspired by Google’s Adwords. Your results will vary based on multiple factors, but primarily based on amount you are willing to pay per view and your campaign budget. Other factors that affect speed of delivery are: your maximum cost per view, target country, keyword targeting and gender/age targeting.

And for the  best strategy for promoting video or product, Virool wants you to pay attention to your video content … a lot

We suggest to invest heavily in content, making it interesting, funny and interactive. There are a lot of examples of great YouTube video campaigns that became viral. We found that the best advertisers spend at least in 1:1 ratio on video creation and promotion.It always helps to have some call to action like to offer coupon or discount or chance to win something. That would increase your conversions dramatically.