Customer service has evolved and it keeps improving. There are now better ways to interact and communicate with your prospective customers and existing customers.

The opportunities to know your site visitors can always be explored in via phone,  contact forms, newsletters etc. Businesses are now exploring new ways to have  real-time engagement with their customers to improve retention rates.

Social media and live chat tools are becoming integral part of customer service and most companies have leveraged these tools to better serve their customers.

The benefits of engaging in a real-time conversation with your customers far outweighs the cost of running traditional customer support forms on your site.

1. You can improve customer satisfaction

Customers are more likely to repeat doing with you if they are satisfied with the service you provided the first time they signed on to your product or service.

In the traditional customer service scenario, customers are kept  “hanging” when they e-mail you. It could take time before your support team can address that issue when they could instantly be addressing them on your site.

Live Chat for Website addresses customer queries and assist them in completing the sales process both quickly and conveniently. When customer’s complains are resolved quickly, they are more likely to recommend you to a friend. A satisfied customer is worth another lead.

2. You will cut down customer support significantly

Your business can significantly cut down on cost of customer support with an installation of a live chat support app on your site. Phone support cost can significantly be cut down with real-time support.  Real-time chat services like Live2support  allows your team to be much more responsive to urgent client needs.

3. Access to customer data gives you insight

Real-time traffic monitoring combined with analytics provides you with loads of information about where your customers are coming from and what they do on your site when they are finally there.

You can better improve your site if you know what information prospective customers are clicking the most and how they navigate your site.You can significantly improve the bounce rate of your site if you can get more visitors to stay and keep accessing information on your site.

eCcommerce sites can better manage how they present product information to customers to make it easy for them to purchase items on the site. How information is arranged and presented can contribute the overall sales process on any commerce site.

An opportunity to chat directly with prospective buyers can give you insight into what they expect and whether they find it difficult finding what they need. Real time customer interaction data gives you the insight to work out better ways to approach customer service  and establish a great business relationship with your clients.

4. Turn visitors into customers

You can immediately turn visitors on your site into customers if you are able to instantly engage with them whilst they are still on your site.

You can increase your leads and turn them into customers quicker instead of waiting for them to get to you which may never happen or could take longer. Real time chat make it possible to non-invasively chat with all visitors who want to connect directly with your whilst they are on your site.