Startup founders and business leaders keep sharing insight and tips for starting and growing successful businesses. This week was no different. Popular on the web this week included the discussion on why the highest paid CEO, Zuckerberg, doesn’t quit, business tips from once homeless billionaire, John Paul DeJoria and how to sell ideas like Malcolm Gladwell.

If you were too busy to keep up on all the business posts you should have read this week, never mind; we have put together some of the most shared and popular business posts around the web you may have missed.

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1. 7 Steps to Finding Success as a Millennial Entrepreneur

Older generations say millennials have short attention spans, a sense of entitlement, and little patience. The fact is, those qualities are not necessarily bad — especially for more

2.  Serial Entrepreneur, Marco Boerries, Talks Stealth Startups & Building His 4th Company At Disrupt Europe

Marco Boerries is CEO and founder of NumberFour – a startup that’s been operating in stealth for four years. Despite being under the radar, it landed a $38 million Series A…read more

3. Why opening up about failure makes you a more ‘authentic’ entrepreneur

As I was running a mentoring session last week at the FailCon conference in San Francisco, the popular notion that entrepreneurs should be “authentic” kept rattling around in my…read more

4. 7 inspiring TED talks every entrepreneur should watch

I think most entrepreneurs should dedicate some time out of their week just to watch TED Talks. It might seem silly or a waste of time — after all, you are trying to build an empire…read more

5. Business Tips From Once Homeless Billionaire, John Paul DeJoria

When John Paul DeJoria started  John Paul Mitchell Systems in 1980, he was briefly homeless, sleeping in an old Rolls Royce along L.A.’s Sunset Strip. But he and cofounder Paul…read more

6. Why Doesn’t Highest Paid CEO, Zuckerberg, Quit?

The news is out. The highest paid CEO is Mark Zuckerberg. You can read the link to understand how he earned more than $2 billion. OK, my guess is that most people reading this are saying, more

7. The Most Valuable Lesson That Changed My Life

For some reason in the UK we find it hard to deal with failure. Even the thought comes with a stigma and in general people are reluctant to discuss the subject. In some other more

8. 3 Steps to Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

Often you get to the end of the day and think, “I was busy all day, but what did I accomplish?” Goals give us more than just a target to aim for — they help us change our behavior today. Do…read more

9. 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Make the Most of Their Days

Mastering productivity is a challenge even for the best of us. After all, there are only so many hours in the day and exercising, responding to emails, getting work done and catching up on more

10. How To Sell Ideas Like Gladwell

Whether you like him or not, Malcolm Gladwell does an amazing job of communicating ideas. Here are three tips we can learn about selling our own ideas. Whether you agree with his more

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