So, you’ve set up a business, you’ve designed a logo, and now you have to market it to gather customers and clients. When it comes to promoting your business brand, then there are lots of ways that you can market your brand.

You can start out with these business promoting tips to get your marketing message out there to your targeted audience.

1. Network, network, network

Whether you have been established for a long or short time, strong networking skills are vital. Going to events are a useful tool for meeting people who have been in business longer than you and gain their experience.

If you impress them enough, they may offer to start telling their clients about you. You may also be able to teach them some new skills too, and they might want to return the favor.

2. Design a good, easy to use website

If you only operate with a small geographical area (say you have one independent store in your local town centre), design a website so that people can order stock no matter where they will.

Although your website should reflect your brand and look professional do not overlook that it should be easy to use too. Get people you trust to test it for you and give you some honest feedback so that you can create it to be best of your ability.

3. Have you thought about a business blog yet?

Business blogging has proven to be an effective way to inform and educate prospective customers. Get your employees to share ideas with customers and educate new clients about your industry.

A blog is a great way to communicate new product launches, features and updates on your products. You can easily become an industry or niche leader with a great blog that attracts targeted users who could easily sign on to your product or service.

4. Think about the little touches

Think about having your logo displayed at every opportunity that is possible. Think about the extra touches that you could add, such as getting your logo on name put onto stationary and your small office supplies.

How about designed envelopes that you send out to customers and perspective clients, by companies like Rockhill 1st Class Envelopes. This can help your communications look official and  whilst giving you take them seriously.

4. You can sponsor local charity events

If you have the enough resources, sponsoring a local charity even can be a good way to get your business name and logo out there if you operate within a specific area, and you will also get to help a good cause that may already be close to your heart if you have lived in the same place for a while yourself. If you do not have the funding to sponsor them, ask if you can donate a raffle prize or set up a stall there for a fee.

5. It pays to offer something for FREE

You could offer your product or service for free for a period of time to attract as many customers as possible. Start with a 30-day free trial. Give away a free business report that educates your industry.

If you are offering something great, chances are they will want to extend their free trial to a paid version. Most new business start out like that in beginning to get as many clients who subsequently purchase a paid version.