In our modern, technology-dependent world, energy efficiency has never been so important. Conservation isn’t just vital for this generation; it’s also essential if we want to preserve our Earth’s beautiful resources for the next generations. Saving energy can be achieved in many ways, from turning off light bulbs to installing an energy efficient home boiler. But it’s not just individuals who are committing to long term conservation – businesses are now also beginning to get in on the act.

–Small Businesses Doing Their Part

Small businesses and start-ups are often the first to pitch in with the conservation effort, implementing anything from recycling to cycle-to-work initiatives. The small business green community is thriving and has a solid reputation for being highly supportive of both individual and communal business efforts towards sustainability.

In an effort to support small business owners who are making independent efforts to become more eco-friendly, the government has implemented a series of financial incentives designed to help businesses go green. These include a series of tax breaks and the publishing of conservation legislation under the Energy Bill.

–Larger Corporations Dragging Their Heels

Energy conservation has been a big topic for at least the past 10 years, but concerns about the impact we have on our environment have existed for much, much longer. And if we look at current climate change statistics, we can see that this effort needs to be stepped up in a major way. Many modern retailers are getting their acts together, but some seem to be dragging their heels and others simply aren’t bothering at all.

For example, the word on the street is that Ikea have promised to replace all of their existing bulbs with LED bulbs by 2016. But LED technology has been around for years and we’ve known for a long time that these bulbs are much more efficient than the alternatives. It’s a good thing retailers such as Brightlightz are picking up the slack until the big corporations are ready to make the change.

–How You can Help

When it comes to conservation, every little helps. If you haven’t yet begun to implement sustainability in your home or workplace, now’s the time to begin. Start small – actions such as turning off appliances and recycling can make a huge amount of difference if everybody joins in. And once you start, your actions will be sure to inspire others. Make sure you see the light today, so that others might see it in the future.