Is your business doing well on the market? We imagine it probably is, but it could always be doing a little better, couldn’t it? Marketing plays a significant role in the success of a business, in every industry. Are you getting the right promotion for your business?

You can quite easily market your business in any way possible. But marketing correctly is a little trickier. You need to know exactly how to make your business create an impact on the consumer. If your business is primarily online, you should be focusing on online marketing techniques.

If you own a business like a retail store, you might also want to use some offline marketing methods. Don’t fall into the trap of using one of the other. Both can be incredibly useful. But, where do you begin?

1. Search engine optimisation is still a big deal.

Start with SEO. Get the basics covered. That’s the key to marketing your business online. It’s quite useful because it’s a form of marketing that consumers don’t even realise they are being hit with. When a consumer searches for a product or service online, they use a search engine.

Here, they type in a keyword or phrase related to what they are looking for. If you want them to find your website, SEO is the key. You may be using some form of SEO on your site. Perhaps you set it up yourself. But, to get the best result you should use a professional agency that offers this service.

They will be able to optimize your site and make sure your business is on page one of a results page. This is highly beneficial. Customers hardly ever bother searching through more than one or two pages. They click on a link and then settle.

2. Be creative about social media.

Social profiles are beneficial for the same reason. It’s quite a natural form of marketing. You have an amazing opportunity to reach out to your followers and audience in a unique way. Don’t just market your product to your audience on social media. Educate them too. Don’t make them feel they are being marketed to on all your social channels. Offer a more personalised service by taken advantage of the opportunity to interact and connect on a personal level. 

Naturally, this has it’s advantages and social profiles can be used for a whole variety of different types of marketing. This isn’t just limited to pushing product; you can push educative content instead.

For instance, you may have a Twitter business account. You should, and you can use this to gain new followers who you can turned into customers. You should start by using your Twitter profile to keep your followers updating in relevant business or industry news.

Keep an eye on business current events online and then brief it in tweets. Make your feed a valuable source of knowledge for people who might be interested in your product or service. You might even attract investors.

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3. Develop an app for your business.

Don’t forget that it’s likely a user won’t be viewing your business site on a computer. They might be using a tablet or just browsing on their phone. But, you still want them to find your business easily accessible.

You should make sure your website is responsive. This means that it changes based on the device it is viewed on. For instance, if it is viewed on a phone, it should be easy to zoom in by pinching two fingers together on the screen.

However, you can also go one step further. You can work with an app development company to make your business more accessible and interactive. Your customers will appreciate this, and you will almost certainly earn increased interest.

Your app can do anything you like. It might offer your customers more information about your business. Or, it could just be an easy way for them to make mobile purchases. Remember to be creative.

4. Fliers are still useful for most businesses.

We know that some people think this type of marketing is outdated, but it’s actually quite useful. Not to mention cheap. Imagine if you were opening a new shop on the high street. You’d want to spread the word.

All you would need to do is send a couple people out with fliers. That way you can let your local customers know your business is open. Or, you may just want to post them through people’s doors. Though this might be construed as junk mail.

5. Personalised Merch always works.

Finally, there is no better way to market your company at a trade show or event than to invest in personalised merch. Merchandise with your company name or logo can be given away to people for free. Once they start using it, it’s free advertising for your business. But, it also makes your company look very successful indeed.