Everyone’s marketing strategy is different because every company is different. Still, there are those select few methods that work regardless of the company or any other factors. A sign is one of those methods.

Although it may seem old school and outdated, a sign still works to this day. It is simple: if you are not using a sign within your strategy, you are losing out. Here are the reasons a sign is such as good marketing tool.

1)  Everyone reads a sign

You will do it yourself even if the message concerns you or not. A sign is just a strategy that is hard to ignore. When it comes to marketing, it is exactly what you want. On the whole, the majority of people that walk past will consume the information in some form. Yes, they may not all find it relevant or do anything with the information. But, they still read it, and that is your first battle when you are trying to advertise.

2) They are big

Why does everyone read a sign? They read a sign because they are big. The surface area of the sign stands out above almost every other advertising method at your disposal. A billboard is the only other option that is bigger and is more effective with regards to its size.

In this case, size does matter because it lures the audience in and almost forces them to read what you are saying. One of the reasons the humble sign has survived for all of these years is mainly due to its size and simplicity.

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3)  Signs are constant

Depending on where you put the sign, people could read it 24/7. The fact that they stand outside is an amazing advertising opportunity as it never leaves the public sphere. Everyone passing by your sign at any time of the day will be able to see it whether they like it or not. As long as you put it up in an area where there are plenty of people throughout the day, you will reach a far bigger audience.

4) They don’t cost much

And, you can get all of the above at very little cost. Encore Image, for example, supplies a variety of signs at a reasonable price. It is safe to say that a sign is one of the cheapest marketing options that you can implement into your campaign.

Cost is a massive factor when it comes to marketing as you may not have the budget to compete with your rivals. The great thing with a sign is that you don’t need the money. You can broadcast an effective campaign for peanuts, and that is rare.

5)  They are simple

Technology is taking over marketing in lots of ways, and that is a problem for the older generation. Or, for the people that just don’t understand the new tech. Thankfully, a sign is simple. All you need is a piece of paper with your message and a place to stand it.