Businesses are finally starting to realize the importance of video marketing, but some forms are still unknown. An explainer video, for example, is a great tool that is effective.

Yet, lots of small and medium-sized firms still don’t use them on their site. An explainer video is essential for any SME, and here are the reasons why.

Increase conversion rates

One thing that every business wants to improve is their online conversion rate. Then, you can sell more products and make more money. With an explainer, that is exactly what happens.

The video breaks down the product in the simplest form for the viewer to understand. As a result, the viewer is more likely to buy the product with the accompanying video.

In fact, a Video Rascal survey quoted the number at 85%. There isn’t a business on the planet that can’t afford to take advantage of that amount of people.

Explain the product

But how do they increase conversion rates? As the name suggests, they explain what the product is and how it can help. You might already do this with content, but the content isn’t as effective. For starters, people can dream up different meanings as the text is subjective.

More importantly, the text is difficult to read and viewers won’t spend all day tackling reams of words. Videos are short, snappy and to the point. They clarify the meaning of the product and make consumers aware of their benefits.

They are popular

It’s undeniable that video is a hugely popular platform in the twenty-first century. YouTube alone gets billions of viewers every day, more than any other social media site. To put it into perspective, 70% of all Internet users watch online videos.

From your point of view, that is an opportunity that you have to exploit. With the help of explainer videos, you can create a lot more interest in your site and your business than you could with content.

That will increase the amount of traffic to your site, which will raise awareness of your brand. The result is more customers, sales and profits, and it all stems from a short video.

SEO purposes

Google love features that add to the user’s experience. Their algorithm actively looks out for original and engaging content, like video. And, if you videos are of professional quality, you will rank higher on their rankings.

All you have to do is invest in corporate video production and your SEO strategy will morph into a beast. And, not to be cynical, but video links with other Google products like YouTube.

Although they deny it, your site will rank higher if it uses Google’s services. On the whole, videos stop sites from turning stale, and stale sites don’t do well when it comes to SEO.


Explainers aren’t just for your site – you can broadcast them around the world. Thanks to social media, you can hit a brand new audience thousands of miles away. Not only can you create a buzz, but you can also improve your marketing strategy without spending a fortune.

Explainer videos are the future, and you want to get on board before it is too late.

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