Being a successful CEO of your own startup is more than just having a good, marketable idea. Top entrepreneurs who take their companies to the highest levels of success share a common set of traits.

These traits are not necessarily traits you have to be born with. You can work on developing your qualities to make your success more likely. Here are the top traits of people who are mostly likely to be successful CEOs.

1. Honesty

The first character trait to have in order to reach the greatest level of success is honesty. The CEO is the face of an organization, and his or her integrity often gets put to the test. Making sure that you always deliver the most honest information is one way to keep your integrity at the highest level. Honest CEOs get treated with more respect from their peers, employees, and other people they work with.

2. Excellent listening skills

Next, a successful CEO can’t get to the top without having excellent listening skills. While most CEOs are often discussing their own ideas with others, listening to all sources of input is how CEOs get enough fuel for their own voice.

Top CEOs need to know how to listen to their employees, no matter what role in the company they have. This can help a CEO have an accurate understanding of what goes on within the company.

3. Assertiveness

A CEO must also demonstrate assertive qualities as well. As the leader of an organization, it’s important for the CEO to advocate for the company in many situations. Without having assertive skills, the company’s issues could be lost or worse yet, never even heard.

Successful CEOs go after what they want, and being assertive makes this possible. If you are a new business owner, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for what you need from others until you get it.

4. Intuitiveness

Having a sense of intuition is another top trait that is essential for success in the business world. Intuition is that other sense that allows you to steer your company down the right path. Sometimes, no matter how much information you have regarding facts and figures, you may not still have enough details in order to guarantee a successful path.

That’s where a good sense of intuition comes in. CEOs who have been able to make the right choices often have to rely solely on their gut in some situations.

5. Boldness

Being bold is another trait that is helpful to those who want to lead a successful organization. This trait helps you be more proactive in all of your dealings. Waiting around for success to come to you is not the best method of increasing business or sales.

Instead, a CEO must be constantly looking for new opportunities to grow the business. Small startups are often having to prove to their industry that they belong with the top companies. A bold and confident CEO helps your organization get there faster.

6. People skills

While some companies are run by one person and don’t have a huge staff, in most situations, as a CEO, you are going to be working with others. Your people skills should be excellent if you aim to be a successful leader some day.

That’s why having good cooperation is a vital quality for a CEO. Being cooperative doesn’t necessarily mean going with whatever others say, but instead, you work together to achieve something great.

7. Innovative minset 

Being innovative is another key factor that determines how effective a CEO is going to be for a company. The most innovative companies in history have always been led by visionary leaders in their corporate management structure.

An effective CEO can lead an organization to be at the top of its industry, like hamptoncreek has been able to do within the natural foods industry with products like Just Mayo and Just Cookie Dough.

8. Decisiveness

The last important trait for a great CEO is that he or she should be decisive. In many scenarios, the CEO is the one who has to make tough decisions about the direction of the company. A leader who waits around before making a decision may be putting the organization in jeopardy.

The best leaders make decisions without stalling, so they can move on to the next thing. If you want to see your company achieve its goals, it’s important to gauge your own skills and see if you have what it takes to be a top CEO. As your company expands, you can work on these traits to ensure future success.