SMS marketing can be one of the best business strategies to use if you are hoping to communicate with your customers using a method that is quick, effective and inexpensive. With more than six billion mobile devices being used in the world today, it makes sense to harness the convenience and effectiveness of SMS when you need to keep an open line of communication with your customers.

SMS messages are one of the best ways to keep your customers up to date with your latest offers and promotions, new products, exclusive deals, and much more. But, to get the results that you want from an SMS marketing campaign, it’s crucial that you stick to good SMS marketing etiquette. We’ve listed some of the main do’s and don’ts of text message marketing.

Do: Ask permission

One of the main rules of SMS marketing is that you should make sure that your customers have consented to receiving marketing messages before you hit the send button. Since a text message tends to be more of a personal thing than an email or even a letter in the post, so customers prefer marketing messages that they have given their permission for, rather than a message out of the blue which can often seem intrusive.

Don’t: Spam

Nobody likes to be bombarded with spam messages, especially not in their smartphone inbox. Spam emails can often be forgiven or filtered out altogether, but when it comes to sending texts, you need to make sure that each SMS message that you send offers content that is valuable to the recipient. When it comes to getting the best results from an SMS marketing campaign, focusing on quality rather than quantity is important.

Do: Keep it short

Keeping your SMS messages short and to the point is the best way to make sure that you grab the attention of your customers with your campaign. Ideally, your text messages should not be any longer than 160 characters long, as going over into long or multiple messages can have the opposite effect and result in your customers getting bored and hitting ‘delete’.

Do: Be personal

Using an SMS marketing platform like Reach Interactive means you can reach out to your customers via SMS on a personal basis, something which can certainly help to improve your relationship with them and make sure that they feel like a VIP. Simple things, such as greeting your customers by name, can have a very profound effect on their satisfaction levels!

Don’t: Forget to identify yourself

When sending marketing SMS messages, make sure that the first thing you do is alert your customers to who’s texting them. This is extremely important for brand recognition and will help encourage your customers to open and read your texts. Clearly identifying yourself to your audience will ensure that your messages become relevant and engaging.

SMS marketing can be a great way of reaching out to your customers, but it’s important to know which strategies to use and which to avoid.