If you’re marketing your business online, you will need to come to terms with the idea of SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is a way of ensuring that customers can find your business online and buy your products or invest in your services. It’s crucial to any modern company model.

However, it’s fair to say that SEO has become a little complicated as of late. It’s not about links and keywords anymore. Instead, you need to think about how to dodge a Google penalty while still staying ahead of your competition. That said, it’s still possible to keep SEO simple if you know the tactics to use and the steps to take.

Building backlinks

Backlinks are links that other people have to your business. So, you might have a blog with an article about fixing cars. They may link to your business as an example of a car specialist. Depending on the popularity of the blog, that could be a solid backlink. But how do you get that blog to link to your business.

You could hope that it happens naturally but this is unlikely. You may want to look into sponsored content. There are numerous blogs and sites online that advertise the fact they have sponsored content possibilities available.

Sponsored content is quite simple. It means a website will advertise to a business indirectly if they are given an incentive to do so. This could be a mutually beneficial partnership or a financial transaction. You can also get a link management tool. Link management tools like SEOJet are great and are frequently used by top marketers to manage link building effectively.

Hashtags and social media

You should be hash tagging or adding hashtags to as many posts as you can on social media. The reason for this is quite simple. Statistically, a post or piece of content with a hashtag is more likely to be shared. In fact adding a hashtag to content could increase sharing by up to twenty percent. It can also mean that it starts to trend on social media.

Of course, hashtags aren’t the only simple way to get more from a social media marketing campaign. You also need to think about targeted marketing. With target marketing, you will be appealing directly to a specific customer or client. Doing this you can ensure that these individuals, your target customers are more likely to share your content.

Get yourself an expert

Finally, the trick to getting great SEO is to make sure that you have information people want to bring attention to. The best way to do this is by setting up content like it’s been written by an expert. It needs to be someone knowledgeable or noteworthy who people are interested in.

To do this, you need to look into hiring an individual like this for your business. You can then get them to post articles and answer questions about a specific topic. Eventually, other businesses will start noticing your expert and link to your site.

As you can see then, we don’t have to make SEO overcomplicated. It can be quite easy to make the right impression and get lots of attention on the market.


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out to SEOJet. You are right that link building with a plan is usually so much more effective than sitting and waiting for links. Even if you are only guest posting to build your backlink profile.

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