As a business owner, you already know that the quality of your staff is integral to the overall output of your company. Meanwhile, the office space forms the heartbeat of the operational aspects. Therefore, building an office arena that encourages the very best from your employees should be top of your agenda at all times.

It’s one thing to have an effective office, but having one that reaches its full potential is another altogether. In truth, it’s no exaggeration to suggest it could make all the difference between success and failure. So is yours capitalizing on the modern facilities and opportunities? Let’s find out.

#1. Choosing the right layout

The layout of an office is vital for a whole host of reasons, and those elements can have a huge impact on productivity. As such, it’s the natural starting place for any office transformation.

Seemingly small factors can have the biggest influence on individual productivity. The furniture is naturally a hugely important decision.

While Modern Digs isn’t sure you need a sit stand desk, it’s imperative that all employees can interact with their surroundings and stay alert. Meanwhile, opting for a more spacious floor plan can overcome claustrophobic feelings too.

That’s one of the reasons many companies opt for open plan spaces. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should too. Whatever happens, though, it’s vital that you make the right choice for your team. Otherwise, you’ll be limiting their progress immediately.

#2. Encouraging easier management

Time is money, and every minute wasted is a blow to staff productivity. As the leader of the operation, it’s pivotal that you ensure all systems are kept in great health for increased individual input. Whether that means outsourcing your IT support or more regular computer health checks isn’t important. Efficiency is key.

Organization is an equally important element to consider too. Turning the office into a paperless environment can work wonders.

Not only will it save time and money for the business, but it should add an extra sense of security. Given the increased collaboration aspects too, it truly could revolutionize the whole venture.

If managing a bigger group is becoming too difficult, you could look at hiring remote freelancers also. Alternatively, appointing team leaders can benefit those management tasks also.

Crucially, building a good space for video communications can allow you to speak with people from across the globe as if they were in the room with you.

#3. Embracing human emotions

Ultimately, your employees are only humans. As well as those needs for space and productive facilities, they need a number of basic human needs. If you don’t satisfy those, you aren’t going to see a fully motivated team.

Naturally, showing them that there is a chance for promotion and progress should give them an incentive to work. However, simple additions like a water cooler or better break room facilities can have a telling impact. In addition to the improved atmosphere, those things can encourage greater energy levels too.

To take these ideas even further, you could use cycle to work schemes. As far as the office itself is concerned, though, simply ensuring that the basic facilities are in place will have a massive impact. Perhaps most importantly, it needs to feel safe. Otherwise, those distractions could bring disaster.


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