Before you decide to go with a mass-produced label for your brand-new product, you may want to stop and consider what a customized labeling solution could mean for you and your business. Customized labels, also called specialty labels, have all kinds of fabulous uses whether you’re looking to print just a small order of promotional items or you want to include a customized label on all your products and packaging.

Still not convinced? Here’s a closer look at what custom packaging and labeling can offer to you.

What is Custom Packaging and Labeling?

Custom packaging and labeling is a special type of package and/or label that you design for your product. It can be used at all times or for special product promotions. What this means is that it features a different design, font, color scheme, and/or theme. Of course, the main aspects are still included on the label such as the product name, brand, logo, and tagline.

Make Your Promotional Products Pop

Perhaps you are thinking of offering promotional products for a limited time only. If so, it makes perfect sense to use custom labeling and packaging. Customers will recognize your brand logo and name but instantly recognize the difference in the packaging itself. This helps to create buzz, interest, and intrigue. Often, custom labeling works as its own advertising campaign when done correctly.

Holiday Campaigns Take on All New Meaning

Another way that custom labeling can come in handy is for holiday campaigns. It’s the perfect opportunity to add a holiday twist to your packaging that helps to make it festive and fun. Again, this helps to act as an advertising campaign, as consumers often enjoy these holiday-themed products. You can change the shape, color, theme, and even font on the label for a holiday-themed campaign.

Highlight New Information About the Product

Perhaps your product has gone through some changes and maybe you want to highlight this new information. Custom labels give you the perfect way to do so as you can highlight exactly the message you want through the use of design, color, and font. Because it is a customized label, you aren’t stuck using it permanently, since that “new” information won’t stay new forever.

An Affordable Solution

Another bonus to customized labeling and packaging is that because you are usually dealing with a limited run, it can be an affordable solution. You aren’t stuck re-branding and re-labeling your entire stock. You choose the number of items you want to use the customized packaging on, and then you can go back to your traditional packaging after that.

Use Customized Solutions to Your Advantage

These customized solutions can offer all kinds of benefits and advantages to your company, brand, and products. It’s a great way to highlight new product information, engage in specialty or seasonal campaigns, and even print limited run promotional items for use in trade shows, conferences, and various events. Custom labels and packaging allow your product to pop and get the attention it deserves.