Brand identity is key to a business’s success. Branding builds awareness for who you are and what you do, an array of logos, slogans and colour schemes heralding grand commercial promises. It’s the fibres of any company, an essential piece of the puzzle that cannot be overlooked.

For a startup however, branding is series of localised ploys that can be limited, due to a strain in resources. However, there are companies who brand irresponsibly, relying on their representative ideas to do all the work for them. Ultimately, startups cannot afford to do this, and must utilise smarter strategies than wasting money on a fancy ad that doesn’t match their measure.

Streamlined branding

Alongside a faceless startup comes deprived results. Employing your restricted resources to a mish-mash of sectors is a fatal mistake to make, and customers will walk away empty handed with more questions than answers. Put simply, some businesses are just rhetoric, conveying themselves as ‘adaptable’ when they can’t even change a plug.

For a startup company, you do not have access to the mainstream media advertising or the big billboards. Put simply, you’re not Apple, and your startup will live and die by its immediate reputation, which is why resources have to be focused on a localised, personal and friendly way of doing things. Consequently, by marketing focusing on small, friendly quirks, trust and respect will build for your startup.

Workspace branding

Those working for a startup have a lot of love for seeing their workplace grow. After all, this isn’t just a job, but a fresh passion project where the possibilities and opportunities are endless, and it’s essential that this spark is nurtured and maintained. Consequently, it can be a stark disappointment when your fun little business operates from the back of a dirty lorry.

The areas in which you operate must match your branding to maintain appearances, with character and inspiration ingrained into the environment constantly. After all, an uninspired work area jeopardises the image for customers and employees alike, but a well-placed slogan on the nearby wall can remind a struggling employee what the slog is all for. Subsequently, without the aid of big billboards and television teasers, your workspace must certainly make contributions to your overarching image.

Brand personality

Brand identity attracts the desired demographics, from the right customers to the ideal employees. If your brand identity is fun and colloquial and you hire salty staff, your image will soon be at risk. In result, those you hire must exude an image and standard that aligns with the goals of the venture.

Ultimately, building the right brand personality is essential for building report with your customers. With a small-scale venture comes opportunities for personalisation, enforcing further efforts in customer service and satisfaction. Market as a handy independent company that cares about its customers, and the rest will grow from there as it’s earned.