Sometimes, it can feel like your business has been left in the dark. You’re struggling to find new customers, which probably means people don’t know you exist. In essence, you’re looking for an increase in exposure. Try out any or all of these outrageously clever ideas, and you’ll guarantee more people know about your business!

Become a sponsor

Sponsorships have long been a big part of the business world. For a company looking to gain some exposure, this is a really smart idea. By sponsoring someone or something, you’ll put your brand right in the public eye. For example, there will be plenty of Christmas fairs or markets popping up around the country at this time of year.

Becoming a sponsor for one will mean that all the people traveling to these events will see your brand name and logo all the time. Or, sponsor a sports team, and they’ll have your logo on their kits for everyone to see. The second option is probably my favorite, as I think it gains a lot of exposure in a very short period.

Invest in online ads

Sometimes, the best way to gain a great deal of exposure is to put a little bit of money into your situation. By purchasing some PPC ads, you will take a huge leap towards shining a massive light on your company for all to see. The idea behind these online ads is simple; you purchase them, and your advert will be shown on websites, search engines, or even social media.

This means that loads of people will see your company when they might have never known you existed beforehand. The good thing about PPC ads is that you only pay for them when people click on them. Of course, you want to get those clicks, but even if people aren’t clicking, you’re still increasing exposure, very quickly.

Go viral on social media

Going viral is arguably the best way to gain loads of exposure, fast. This is where you post something on one of your social channels, and it gains a lot of attention from people on that platform. The best place to go viral is on Twitter, where you can get hundreds of thousands of people engaging in one viral tweet.

The video above this point is a good little piece of extra info you can use to learn how to compose a viral tweet. When you go viral, you will see an increase in followers almost instantly. Not only that, but your tweet could be shared all over the internet, with your brand name and logo there for all to see. It will give you a huge reputation boost, and expose you to millions of people.

Improving the exposure of your business will mean more people are aware of you. This could lead to more new customers, helping you grow your loyal customer base. It’s crucial you don’t stand still when you see an increase in exposure. Instead, work hard to take advantage of it and grow your company!