It is a great day for your online store, you have generated your first online sales and you have already chosen a delivery company to get your product to your customers. But are you really prepared for this? Have you really focused on the packaging you offer?

For many online marketers, the answer is almost always never. The packaging is simply something necessary to protect the most important thing: the product.

It’s not just about product protection

However, since in the world of ecommerce the habits of customers change rapidly, delivering a complete shopping experience goes beyond just the product, it must transcend and deliver the best packaging you can offer.

If you have reached this point and you have asked yourself how you are going to make sure that your customers receive their purchase in good condition, you are on the right track. This is one of the main concerns that can arise when you make shipments of your products. But you should not just think about generating a sale, but also of how to have satisfied and recurring clients.

This goal can be achieved easily according to packing industry experts if you choose a specialist packaging company to partner with. Here are some essential tips to consider when choosing which type of packaging is best suited for the maximum protection of your products.

Measurements and weight of package

It is very important that you always keep in mind the measurements and the exact weight of your products since you should never use a box or packing that is too tight; it is highly likely to break on the road and your product will be damaged.

Try to choose a package a little larger than your product that allows you to include some protection on the sides, such as bubble sheets or cushioning material.

Sustainable packaging

Thinking of offering a plus? Consider sustainable packaging. Most boxes will end up in the trash, so you can take advantage of this opportunity to implement recycled cardboard or plastic packaging.

Using sustainable packaging can be a great selling point for your brand with environmentally conscious shoppers.


Be sure to test to see how resistant your product packaging really is. Subject it to various types of impact or try to create damage as result of rough handling, so you can measure how much protection you really need.

Quality materials

Pay close attention to the type of materials you use. Remember that “cheap is expensive” and if you are going to make an investment in protecting your products, use resistant materials of high quality. Make sure they can resist the shipping process your merchandise will undergo.

Once you know which is the best material you can use as packaging for your products, it’s time to see if your choice is good or you need to rethink it. To evaluate the final effectiveness of your package you can perform this small and easy exercise:

  • Shake the box
  • Verify that the contents do not move
  • Compress the sides of the box
  • Make sure you do not feel the contents of the package

Remember that the packaging of your products can make all the difference; it will ensure that your customers have a satisfactory shopping experience and avoid problems during shipping.