There are 1001 blog promotion tips, guides, tools and resources out there to make you a professional blogger. Millions of people are searching globally on how to create effective blogs and most importantly how to promote their blogs. You may have come across a couple of them and even bookmarked them for reference. These are a few strategies I personally adopted when I started Alltopstartups. Some of them are ongoing. Blog promotion is a constant and daily activity if you ask me. Concentrate on a a few that work for you but tagging and keywords cannot be overemphasized. Happy blogging!

  1. Content, Content, Content
  2. Create tags and keywords for your posts-basic for every post
  3. Submit posts to Top rank blog directories, at least it still works
  4. Write at least two posts every week. Be consistent even if its once a week
  5. Put keywords on post images
  6. Become a guest post writer
  7. Join  popular blog communities
  8. Use pinging services
  9. Add important and tested social media buttons
  10. Submit articles to top rank article directories
  11. Comment on similar blog niches
  12. Make use of webmaster tools
  13. Get a Google sitemap installed
  14. Submit your blog to rss directories-still useful
  15. Develop a profile on online social networking sites
  16. Write an eBook and offer it for free in exchange for email addresses
  17. Offer branded downloadable articles or whitepapers for free with your blog brand
  18. Use trackbacks when you reference other bloggers posts
  19. Customize and improve your RSS Feed using Feedburner for free – include special offers,
    sign up opportunities
  20. Post answers on question and answer forums
  21. Write on Controversial subjects
  22. Contact bloggers in your niche , introduce yourself and send posts that might interest them
  23. Use SEO plugin if you use WordPress
  24. Write on content to solve problems
  25. Write a good headline to help the post get spread more widely
  26. Reply your post comments if necessary
  27. Tweet your posts-encourage others to tweet as well
  28. Follow bloggers in your niche on twitter
  29. Register your blog on Technorati
  30. Share your blog link in your email signature
  31. Give users an easy way to share your posts
  32. Make maximum use of your Facebook and twitter profiles
  33. Join LinkedIn Answers
  34. Invite your readers to share your top posts
  35. Announce breaking news
  36. Finally concentrate on quality posts
  37. Like other pages in your niche on Facebook


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