A lot of startup founders have given back to the community. They share startup tips and pieces of advice you can actually use. Hundreds of them have been shared on Mixergy. Others are being shared on Techcrunch, Venturebeat, GigaOm, Mashable and personal blogs of the founders. I have been reading about them for some time now and I want to share the lessons these founders have shared with the community here with you. Some of these advice and startup quotes were gathered from last year’s startup school.

# The process in creating a business is in 3 steps: Discover –> Design –> Deliver-Andy Bechtolsheim

# Building a company is like baking a cake. There are a lot of ingredients and if you’re not careful you’ll end up with egg on the ceiling.-Marc Andreessen

# Scaling the team has been harder than scaling the platform.-James Lindenbaum

# You’re building a tool, not a piece of art. Don’t be blinded by the vision.-Andrew Mason

# Innovation is the never-ending search for better solutions -Andy Bechtolsheim

# You will probably fail – failure is real but you don’t have to fail.-Andrew Mason

# The “magic formula” is an engineer who can become an entrepreneur and CEO.-Marc Andreessen

# Spectacular companies start with ambitious but unknown founders, no pedigree required.-Jim Goetz

# Success is really imitation plus innovation-Ashton Kutcher

# There’s nothing quite as permanent as a temporary business model.-Matt Mullenweg

# It’s hard to raise money even when you’re profitable.-Mark Pincus

# It’s better to do something hard if you’re capable of solving hard problems.-Paul Graham

# The point of Facebook isn’t the features, it’s the people.-Mark Zuckerberg

# Ignore your mistakes. The number one thing to worry about is “Am I doing what I’m good at?”-Max Levchin

# A defining entrepreneur is a product visionary who owns the mind of their customer.-Ron Conway

# Take on more than you’re ready to, and get used to that feeling- Drew Houston

# There is around 7 +/- 2 of sites people have in their mind. Your goal is to be one of those 7. Search is in the 7.-Greg McAdoo

# If you have an idea put it up there online, no matter what it looks like. You need the feedback early on.=Brian Chesky